The role of JDJR Engineers & Consultants, Inc. as conceived by its principal management staff, is to advise and assists our clients in the planning, design evaluation and realization of an improved urban fabric in which both quality environment and economic enhancement can compatibly co-exist. In accomplishing the role, JDJR works closely with related professionals who are similarly charged with the improvement of our urban environment, namely architecture, landscape architecture, law, economics, real estate, finance, and sociology. In each and every client assignment, JDJR is deeply committed to employing and promoting a qualified and competent staff without prejudice to age, race, color, gender, national origin, or religious preference who, as an integral part of the total team, share these views.



JDJR Engineers & Consultants, INC. (JDJR) was founded as a full service consulting civil engineering firm in January 1997 by its current principal, Jim Dewey, Jr. In January 1999 JDJR assumed the records and files of Dewey & Associates, a land surveying and civil engineering company founded in 1969. JDJR has quickly expanded its client services to including zoning consulting, land development (planning) consulting, and land surveying. JDJR serves its clients from its corporate offices located near the center of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in the City of Irving. 



JDJR Engineers & Consultants, INC. offers a qualified competent staff comprised of diversified technical and professional disciplines with which to deliver expert comprehensive client services. Our team of Civil Engineers, Planners, Surveyors, Land Development, and Zoning Consultants, skilled technicians and experienced support personnel are capable of completing complex project assignments within determined time schedules and within our client’s budget restraints. Our firm maintains a full time staff of over 15 qualified personnel, including two survey field crews.



JDJR Engineers & Consultants, INC. has extensive experience in project scheduling for all types of projects and clients. as a result of funding and financial pressures, the private sector often have very aggressive schedules that must be met. In this competitive service business, schedules and budgets must be consistently met if business and welfare are to be maintained.

JDJR uses state-of-the-art equipment and software to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. JDJR has a very aggressive equipment/technology improvement and replacement plan to insure the most efficient systems are utilized within the company. Maintaining this level of technologic capability allows JDJR to meet the most aggressive deadlines and schedules.

JDJR also has a full-time in-house research specialist/courier to insure the most efficient research and delivery services. For every project, JDJR has completed ALL the necessary research before finalizing any proposal and/or contract. Upon execution of agreements and/or contracts, JDJR is immediately ready to begin survey work on the projects.

JDJR has all the necessary printing and reproduction equipment to meet the demands of all projects and/or clients. No time will be lost for outsourcing plotting and/or reproduction services.



Effective budget programs must be utilized for a service company to remain successful. Several of the business approaches utilized at JDJR to maximize budget efficiency are as follows:

  • Maintaining a team of the most skilled and educated Civil Engineers, Planners, Surveyors, Land Development and Zoning Consultants, technicians and support personnel may be the most effective program for keeping a competitive edge in budgeting projects.

  • Insisting on an office environment that encourages/requires open and thorough communications between all staff members. This program insures timely response and minimizes duplication of tasks.

  • Required thorough research (deeds, maps, data, ordinances, design guidelines, etc.) prior to beginning any work on a project insures no wasted effort on designs that need to be revised and/or abandoned.

  • Utilization of state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and software to minimize amount on time for every single task of a project.

  • Employment of a team approach on all jobs, and utilizing the most skilled associate for each task.

  • Encouraging a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere and approach in the workplace. Happy, respected associates are always the most productive. 



JDJR possesses the necessary state of the art technical equipment, computer equipment, engineering design and surveying software, and computer aided design and drafting (CADD) equipment and software with which to efficiently execute land development projects. The land surveying department uses electronic total situations and data collectors for all field survey work. The land surveying and civil engineering departments use Autocad 2000 (a computer design and drafting software package) for the production of all drawings and construction plans. Land surveying and land development software that is compatible with Autocad are used to provide a complete land development modeling solution. These software packages enables JDJR to superimpose a proposed design over a piece of property in a three-dimensional form to plan, design, and evaluate all aspects of a project. This same software allows JDJR to decrease the time necessary to design roadways, water and/or sanitary sewer systems, storm drain systems, earthwork and grading schemes, and land development layouts.

JDJR also possesses all necessary printing, plotting, and reproduction equipment to meet all of our client’s needs. JDJR has a large-format digital copier, scanner, and plotter for plotting and reproduction of all of the large format documents. JDJR also has a large-format color plotter for color presentation drawings.   

JDJR also takes full advantage of the business benefits of the internet. Transfer and dissemination of information via the internet has and will continue to dramatically change the way information is shared between consultants. All JDJR associates have their own email address for efficient use of the internet.